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Hello, my name is Philipp Kraiczy and welcome to my Homepage.

I am an Actor / Artist currently living in Berlin, born on February 19th, 1992. Ever since my first acting role, I fell in love with the theatre and with the possibilities and versatility this art direction provides. Besides theatre I paint, play tennis, chess and do fencing. After my family and I moved to Prague in 2007, I graduated from high school there and began my study as an actor at the University of Prague. During my studies I started to act in theatres in Prague, Vienna and Luxembourg. Thanks to speaking fluent English, Czech and German I was able to act in several films and stage productions.

In 2014 I moved to Berlin, where I started studying Theatre and Film Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin and continued working on many theatre and movie productions. During the Pandemic I focused more on my other passion, painting. With the opening of my first exhibition “Harmony of Contrast” 2022 in Dobrichovice, near Prague, I celebrated my 30th birthday.

Art is not only part of my life – it gives my life purpose. Creating something on a canvas or giving life to a character on stage, allows me to process feelings and emotions and after the completion or even during the process, achieve an inner balance and harmony.

I believe when acting or painting, you are trying to transfer feelings or a state of mind and that should be channeled from real emotions and experiences, so that the artist allows the viewer, not only to see them live through these emotions, but to feel with them. As an Artist, your own experience and struggles are a tool, to create an authentic base, which can be used to expand on. To convey genuine emotions to an audience it is useful to draw from own experiences, although this being the most challenging skill for an actor, to not let personal feelings overwhelm you, it is also our biggest tool.